Reinvigorated Faith in Humankind

Three interesting scenarios within the past 48 hours reinvigorates my faith in humankind, and indeed in project Nigeria, and do not mirror it with partisan prism because it will fail you. Only a broad-based binoculars will reveal the positives therein.

The first is the return of another batch of the innocents of Chibok, the second is the medical trip to London by Mr President and the attendant transmission of full Presidential Powers to the Vice President, and the third is the emergence of 39-year-old Emmanuel Macron as the President of France.

I do not buy into the scepticism and the cynicism of conspiracy theorists regarding the Chibok story. I believe as evidenced by the committee set up by former President Goodluck Jonathan that certain innocents of Chibok were ferried away by the villainous and impish Haramists some three years ago. Thank God another batch is back from captivity.

On Mr President’s medical trip, at last a seemingly intractable era of lies, falsehood and needless propaganda goes to sleep. Now we know where and what’s happening, and we know that we have an Acting President with full Presidential Powers. Praise be the Almighty.

On the victory of Emmanuel Macron in France, I’m exhilarated that eccentrics are blazing the global trail. Over my head I see a ballot based peoples revolution in this clime come 2019. Not a long way off, Yes it is not.

I’m confident because the darkest point of the night is closest to dawn. And my faith is unwavering because the universe is just, and it tilts the pendulum of divine munificence the way of men and women of FAITH.

Do not worry about how this will happen, for it will. The prevalent existential pressure and the dire socio-economic strait faced by the ORDINARY PEOPLE tells the proximity of cosmic intervention, we must therefore be ready, willing and able. I AM IN, ARE YOU?

To be CONT’D.

By Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr

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