Nigerians in Diaspora in the Americas will converge in a virtual town hall meeting on Saturday 9 May 2020 with Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Commission, (NIDCOM) Mrs Abike Dabiri-Erewa. Ahead of the meeting, here are my questions for the Honourable Chairman:

  1. To what extent is NIDCOM legitimate, considering that more than a year after its establishment, its Board has not been constituted? What exactly is the problem?
  2. How effective have you being Madam Chairman, as a lone Board member? Under what checks & balances do you operate NIDCOM without offending the provisions of its Establishment Act?
  3. It’s alleged that some activities of those in Govt. including you, have derailed strategic approach to Diaspora engagement e.g. by overtly/covertly encouraging set up of new Diaspora organisations, thereby defeating Gov. Diaspora Policy. Pls explain.
  4. Nigerian Diaspora is alleged not to be unified, in-fighting… What do you say to those who accuse you and your cohorts of engineering or supporting Diaspora disunity because it favours your agenda? Is a strong Diaspora a threat to you & colleagues?
  5. Don’t you see any incompatibility, if not conflict of interest, in the two positions you occupy concurrently: Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Mr President on Diaspora and at the same time Chairman of NIDCOM?
  6. Won’t it be more value-adding for Nigeria, transparent, Good Governance as President Mohammadu Buhari advocates, if the role of SSA Diaspora & Chair NIDCOM are independent from each other and occupied by two different persons, not just yourself?
  7. Nearly 20yrs after @NigeriaGov under President Olusegun Obasanjo established NIDO to unify Diaspora input in national development, there are calls for reform of the org. Some clandestine reform efforts have failed. What reforms do you want to see?

Collins Nweke
Belgium ??


  1. The Diaspora largely has gross disrespect and intolerance for the business-as-usual in Nigerian government, especially when it touches on disregard for written law and order. They are always sceptical about anything managed by government, in view of the serial mismanagement we have all witnessed over the years. It is therefore my hope that knowing how irritable the Diaspora is towards “Naija-style” management of affairs, the Chairman of NIDCOM will guide whoever is the sitting President to understand that the credibility this Commission needs in the eyes of the Diaspora, hinges on its transparency and unswerving adherence to the rule of law. Therefore at all times, the constitution of the membership of this commission, the professionalism and transparency of its operations have to clearly adhere to the rule of law, to enjoy the desired level of credibility that will earn the trust of the Nigerian Diaspora. It should be exemplary in nature and cannot operate like any other government agency because it is serving historically critical minded and disappointed Nigerians.

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