It is great to have you here. I am Collins Nweke, a Municipal politician at Ostend City Council where I currently serve a third term of office, this time in the standing special council on social welfare. I am an engaged world citizen, Belgian of Nigerian origin, husband, father and an active mentor to a host of young Africans.

Why this blog? In May 2014, I was a Green Party candidate for the European Parliament, running with my friend and at the time, a three-term Member European Parliament (MEP) Bart Staes on the back of a more equitable, reformed Europe. Over 11,000 Belgian voters supported my Euro-parliament bid. Though unelected, the bid energized me to carry beyond the campaign trail the issues that motivated me to stand for the election in the first place: a fairer and more responsive Europe, ready to provide progressive leadership in a changing world, lead public opinion rather than simply follow it, uphold the European values of fairness particularly in its trade relations with Africa and the rest of the emerging economies et cetera.

Together with my Global Affairs Analyses on Television Continental (TVC), Diplomatic Channel of Channels TV, GlobalVillage Talks (a Collins Nweke Podcast) and on TRT World, this blog ‘Organizing for a Fairer Europe’ is my engagement tool for a more responsive Europe as conceived by the founding fathers but is fast becoming an elusive dream. That dream of Europe is driven by a few sentiments. For instance,  as African by origin, should  I feel no less a European than my two kids born and raised here or indeed kids of their generation whose forefathers are indigenous Europeans, born here, maybe even fought in the 1st & 2nd World Wars?  Shouldn’t the new European dream see a win-win in a fair trade relations with Africa? Should Europe not strive for a broader, rather than a narrow  interpretation of the concept of National or European Interests?  Shouldn’t such interests include policies around income redistribution not only within European national borders but around the world? What sense does it make for a reformed Europe to worry about a reformed Africa social welfare system and support it? Why should it be Europe’s business supporting job creation initiatives in Africa for young African graduates in Africa in the context of combating massive economic migration?  A new Europe would understand that when the climate warms up in Asia, the Americas or Africa, the danger it brings with it, touches Europe as well.

These and more are the thoughts that informed this blog and I’m pleased that you have visited us, to be a part of the debate and therefore a part of the solution.

8 thoughts on “Welcome…”

  1. Thank you for being that silent but loud voice of redemption! Alots of youths desire a leader like you .
    Glad reading your ideas..

  2. Good day Bros, nice to find you out.
    I am so impressed with what you are doing.
    I work with the European Union Delegation to Nigeria as an education project manager and the information on this blog attest to what we do in Nigeria. So I’ll love to follow this and see how things work out with the quest.
    (By the way, I called you Bros, because your dad is my mother inlaws senior brother. I am married to Pastor Hilary Kanebi your cousin)

  3. Wow, what a thought-provoking article! I’ve been following your blog for some time
    recently, and this is among the most insightful pieces I’ve read.
    Your deep analysis of the subject is both informative and also provoking.
    I liked how you broke down complex concepts into digestible information. Your writing style makes even the most difficult subjects accessible to everyone.

  4. Waooo…. This is a nice piece and such site would be a research material site. I’m glad you put this up. I can always stop by to read what you have on Europe. Thanks and well done Hon. Collins.

  5. Your blog, “Organizing for a Fairer Europe,” presents a compelling vision for a more equitable and responsive Europe. Your dedication to advocating for progressive leadership and fairness in trade relations with Africa is evident and resonates strongly. By tackling key issues such as income redistribution and climate change, you demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing both Europe and the world. While I have not engaged deeply yet, I believe your blog serves as a valuable platform for fostering meaningful dialogue and pursuing solutions to pressing global issues.

    Upon visiting your website, I came across this significant piece. I am Harrison Chidubem Omeje, the twin brother of Henry Chika Omeje, and I am also a friend of Lut’s.

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