Thoughts on Global Refugee Crisis

Earlier this morning (Tuesday 08/09/2015) I was guest of TV Continental to share my thoughts on the global refugee crisis. My points, in summary are as follow: Germany has shown magnanimity in electing to take in 0.8 Million refugees. It is a good sign that Britain has stepped away from non-action to an awfully inadequate commitment. They must do more. The US can’t afford to pretend that this is a problem far from their bed. Like terrorism, there are good reasons for joint global action to deal with current refugee crisis, otherwise more terrorists could be shipped to the West to create more mayhem. Some Middle-East countries are capable of sharing in the burden of receiving some refugees and they must consider doing so as global citizens. Some opportunistic Left-wing groups are using the refugee crisis to question the sense of the Schengen Convention or the EU as a whole. That is foolishness because the schengen arrangement by all standards is one of the best achievements of the EU and must be strengthened, not abolished….To watch the full TV Continental interview click here

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Interview on refugee crisis in Europe
Interview on refugee crisis in Europe

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