Evaluating Africa-EU Climate Partnership Post-Paris

On the sidelines of the conference to launch the Covenant on  Demographic Change in Europe at the EU Committee of the Regions, I took some time out to speak to the EU Public Affairs programme, ‘Inside the Issues’ to evaluate the COP21 climate conference that took place in Paris, France. The broad focus of the brief but punchy talk was EU-Africa climate change relations within the context of the global discussions at COP21. On one hand you have African countries who do the least to pollute but pay the highest price in climate change terms. On the other hand you have the historical dimension of the EU that has been a leading contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Collins Nweke at Inside the Issues 4 Dec 2015

In this context the specific topics covered include:

  • The credibility of an EU-Africa partnership on climate change, given their divergent views.
  • Who were the winners and losers at COP21
  • Should developed countries, like the EU, pay the highest price in contributing to a better climate?

Click here or on the picture to watch the discussion, which also includes the perspective of a researcher, thus balancing politics with academics and in my opinion, excellently well delivered.

Collins Nweke at Inside the Issues Dec 2015

One thought on “Evaluating Africa-EU Climate Partnership Post-Paris”

  1. The global climate summit have come of age, not the first of its kind. Though many goals have been scored in the past but Africa continent have been on the receiving end each time, we have been emitting less and paying more.
    The EU-AU climate partnership should really do more to alleviate Africa climate problems, we are far less industrialized but bearing the brunt.
    I hereby call on our leaders to lay More emphasizes towards that in order to ensure a climate free world (green world).

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